• Mother Raisy Thaliyan: Superior General
  • Sr. Preethy Vallapurackal (V.G.): Social Apostolate
  • Sr. Christel Panackal: Healing Ministry
  • Sr. Gracelet Pullanthanickal: Education
  • Sr. Anslin Lanithottathil: Finance
  • Sr. Anna Maria Varickanickal: Auditor General
  • Sr. Renjitha Arrackal: Secretary General



The Superior General is the highest authority within the Congregation and she carries out her duties assisted by her council.The administration of the Provinces are carried on by the respective Provincials with their Councils subject to the General Council.For effective administration different fields of apostolate are entrusted to the respective councillors in General/Provincial levels.The houses of the Provinces are governed by the local Superiors with her Council appointed by the Provincial Council.


The functioning of the Generalate continued i the Mother House , at Chunangamvely till the Congregation was divided into provinces.When the division took place , the mother house at Chunangamvely was given to St.Mary's Province and the Generalate was shifte to Thottumugham on January 24 ,1986.A common Formation House "Anugraha"has been started in Bangalore to give better training courses to our sisters and candidates in different formation periods.

To know each other and not to lose unity S.D , candidates and sisters in different formation periods from the Provinces come to the generalate every year for a certain period,for a live together.Junior sisters preparing for the Final Profession are given six months tertain ship programme in Generalate level.

Thus the Generalate stands as a symbol for unity among the sisters drawing strength and courage to live up to their call bearing witness to 'Christ the Compassionate'