Social Apostolate

MINISTRIES OF COMPASSION :  “As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me” (Mt 25:40).

According to Redemptoris Missio the mission is one and undivided having one origin and one final goal; but within it, there are different tasks and kinds of activity (RM6). Manifesting the love of Jesus is the goal that leads the missionary enterprise into an unlimited variety of service, such as education, health care and training in addition to direct evangelistic efforts. In SD all of these ministries of compassion should be integrated into the goal rooting in the compassionate love of Jesus and reaching out to the destitute. Jesus rich in compassion, the destitute and obedient unto death is our model and guide in our sincere attempt in getting deep rooted in the compassionate love of Christ and reaching out to the destitute. We share this salvific compassionate love to all especially to the destitute.

In order to show that the kingdom of God belonged also to the sinners, outcasts, destitute etc, Jesus showed special love for them. He took always an extra step to bring happiness into their lives as well through miracles and other means. Christian community has to reach out in loving service to the poor, the suffering, the widows, the children etc. because this Agape love is basically a self-giving and sacrificial love which seeks the good of ‘the other’ (Jn. 4:9-10). We receive and experience the richness of the mercy of the Father given through Christ and we become empty by offering this richness to God and sharing this compassion with his people especially the destitute. Let us keep aside everything regarding our security and all about us and bring God and the destitute in our mind. Giving our being and having to them, SD becomes a memorial in the mind of God and of the destitute. We must focus all our attention and care on the destitute. First and foremost the destitute means people who are materially poor along with these who have become poor by getting deprived of their rights, refugees, drug-addicted ones, HIV/AIDS, the victims of terrorism, the suppressed, the oppressed, the suffering and the tortured ones. We should be more alert and dedicated in living our ministry. In terms of policy, thrust and decision we envisage the following

VISION:  Bring the kingdom of God on earth by filled with compassionate love of Christ and give life to all especially the destitute.


  • To deepen the spirituality of the sisters by contemplating the Word of God especially the life and teachings of Christ.
  • To form vision oriented sisters to transform the society
  • To reach out to the new realms of the destitute and express solidarity with them.
  • To enable the sisters to develop critical analysis of the socio-political and cultural context of our country and of the world to explore innovative ways to enter  in to the mainstream of the society as the ‘salt
  • To equip the sisters with skills, knowledge and exposure to be effective in their mission.
  • To collaborate with the Church in the pastoral care of the people.
  • To help people to cultivate faith vision in their life.
  • To provide institutional care only to those who are deserving and the most needy such as senior citizens, terminally ill, differently abled, women and destitute children.
  • To impart awareness and value consciousness to different sections of the society such as children, adolescents and youth.
  • To promote  eco-friendly culture
  • Strengthen family relationships through house visiting and counselling.